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MAMA Historic 59 Humbuckers 

Getting some perfect rock tones with a pickup upgrade on my old SG.

The Stumble

This is my approach to the Freddie King classic. Played on six amazing vintage guitars!

The perfect recording amp?

Reviewing my Divided By 13 FTR37.


This is what I played for my band and other artists. Maybe your production is next? Check out what I can do for you.

Far From HomeLem Motlow

This is a song from the debut album of my band Lem Motlow. For this one I did the songwriting and the lead guitars. You can purchase the record here.

Diese TageBinyo

In 2015 I laid down some guitars for Binyos debut album with producer Christopher Hans. For this song we did an acoustic/electric arrangement.

In The FloodsJacky Kanlop

This is a song by  singer/songwriter Jacky Kanlop. I did some co-writing here and created a pop/rock guitar arrengement with producer Benjamin Welz.

Soulful Rhythm GuitarEmily Nichols / Another Day EP

In early 2014 we went to the studio to record the EP Another Day with Chicago-based singer/songwriter Emily Nichols. You can listen to the whole record here!

Funky Single NotesVolt Age / Italo Brutalo

Volt Age is a Munich-based producer of epic 80s-style synth music. For his collaboration with Italo Brutalo I played some funky rhythm guitars.

Funky SoloVolt Age / Italo Brutalo

Same track, lead guitar.

Crying Eye (Solo)Lem Motlow

Another excerpt from the Lem Motlow album. I still like this solo a lot.


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